Please Vote for Our SXSW 2017 Panel Picker – Sonic Connections: Making Music Globally!

Hello, you lovely lot… could we please ask for your vote?  Listen To This is organising the following panel at SXSW in Austin next March.   The panel includes a fine array of speakers including Russell Sheffield of Trackd Music, Dave Stewart, Jennifer Newman Sharp and Dan Bettridge!

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Our panel session will explore the changing face of musical collaboration across borders; it will highlight the digital tools that are out there to enable musicians to connect sonically and form song ideas. We will identify successful and not so successful collaborations between artists as example case studies, and discuss ownership and rights concerns artists may have when entering the collaboration space for the first time.

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  1. What are the barriers for musicians and artists looking to discover one another with a view to collaborating?
  2. How do musicians collaborate, who owns the work and how to manage content creators rights?
  3. What’s the future, will collaborations lead to new models of music discovery for creators and music listeners and how can artists capitalize?