Vince James set to support Joe Fox in Clwb

We’re pleased to announce Vince James will be supporting Joe Fox in Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff, on November 23rd.

“I had nowhere to live in London so I was selling mixtapes of my music anywhere I could so that I’d have money to live somewhere. I was doing that for a while, and I was making quite good money. So I’m on Wardour Street and I see this guy – I don’t know who he is ’cause I don’t listen to new music – and he’s with this other guy who turns out to be Hector Delgado, who’s produced a lot of songs on [ASAP] Rocky’s album.

“I go up to them and say ‘Do you want to buy a CD’ and Rocky says, ‘Can you play me a song’. So I play a whole song and I get to the end – that’s usually when people buy a CD – so I say ‘Do you want to buy a CD?’ and he said ‘No, but we’re going to Starbucks, and then to the studio, you should come and work with us. Jump in the car’. So I got in the car and he says, ‘My name’s A$AP Rocky, you’ve got an amazing sound, lets record together.’ So we did.”
– Joe Fox


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