Listen To This support Nordoff Robbins through Valerie Doshier single release

Over the past few months, Listen To This have been working closely with husband of late aspiring singer-songwriter Valerie Doshier – Nathan Evans, renowned music producers Richard Jackson and Jamie Young, alongside Trackd Music and music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins. The result – a beautifully moving song by someone who loved to create and inspire others.

“If nothing more, I need to be an inspiration to someone”
– Valerie Doshier

VALERIE DOSHIER passed away April 12th 2016 after a short battle with brain cancer. An aspiring artist, Valerie left behind a plethora of artistic creations, many of which are left unfinished. Valerie believed in the power of love and its ability to inspire others. The same day Valerie was diagnosed with terminal cancer was the same day Valerie said ‘if nothing more, I need to be an inspiration to someone.’

This track continues Valerie’s legacy with nothing but pure motives to inspire and help others.  ‘You Feel Like Home’ is a song that showcases Valerie’s creative nature, her projects and moments of inspiration were stored in all corners of her life. The lyrics and vocal to this song were found on Valerie’s phone after she had passed.   Engaging producers Richard Jackson and Jamie Young based in South Wales and Nordoff Robbins, the team set about putting music to the vocal and song ideas Valerie had laid down on her iPhone whilst going about her daily life in Denver, Colorado.  We set about discussing her musical influences and creating a song Valerie would have been proud to have released.

Valerie’s song ‘You Feel Like Home’ is available to buy from all major online stores and to listen to via all streaming services from today, April 12th 2017.  All proceeds will be given to Nordoff Robbins a music charity that dates back to 1959 when American composer and pianist Paul Nordoff and special education teacher Clive Robbins developed a new form of collaborative music-making to engage vulnerable and isolated children, which they termed ‘therapy in music’.

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Listen to ‘You Feel Like Home’ here

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