New year, new music from Vince James and other news

Hello reader,

Grant here, as I stare at the blinking line, I want to say, first of all, a very warm welcome into 2018.  It’s been quite the January here at Listen To This as we journey into the new year.  I am very pleased to say that we have a new Vince James single set for release on February 2nd at all good streaming services and online stores via our friends at AWAL.

It’s a great little tune with a positive message to believe in ourselves and to remain strong through hard times which we all journey through at some point in our lives.  I for one love the lyrics and feel it’s the strongest offering from Vince James yet.  The team were all very proud of him last year, a particularly difficult year for the songwriter, but he persevered and shown his substance and produced some fantastic songs which you re going to hear throughout the course of the year.    Vince James also managed to generate the support of the extremely supportive Forte Project, complete a UK tour with The Undertones and get under the noses of the new music folks and Ticketweb and Live Nation source.   2018 is showing positive signs for Vince with some European shows being discussed, a rollout of his music across pub jukeboxes across the land and plans for further releases.

Press release: ‘Magnificent’ the new single by Vince James : Out February 2nd 2018

In other news, Charlotte and I have been busy putting together an interesting release plan for Dan Bettridge with the team at The Orchard, expect a wave of new music soon from his camp as we prepare for his SXSW 2018 showcase.   Richard has been preparing for the Our Last Night world tour kicking off in March and has been discussing options for expanding our artist roster in the USA.

On the Trackd front, I am looking forward to the Department Industry and Trade Music Is Great mission to Mumbai, India Feb 1-7th.  Whilst in India I will be connecting with artists, pushing some partnerships forward and working on a collaboration between songwriters here in the UK and with schools in Mumbai for the Songs of the Centenary project which we are powering through the app.

Moving into March I am currently putting together our SXSW showcase and artist sessions.  So if you’re an artist and heading to Austin Texas for the conference please drop me an email and let’s try and book something in!  You can see an SXSW session we did last year here with Austrailian foursome ‘All Our Exes Live In Texas’ and our showcase at The British Music Embassy here.

Okay, to round off this update I’ll leave you with some music, whilst researching music fro SXSW I came across this little ditty called ‘This Is What I Am Doing’ by Dick Stusso and I absolutely love it.  Have a listen, I hope you like it too.  You can listen to my Trackd SXSW 2018 picks so far on this playlist.

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Okay over an out for now.

Big love, Grant x